Interview with Gábor Osváth on Cineuropa

"When it comes to documentaries, it is important for me to be around at the birth of a project, or at least at its very early stage. If the first bricks in the project are laid in active partnership with the director, and we agree on the fundamentals, this gives me confidence to further continue. After that I neither need to (nor can) take a hands-on approach: you have to trust the people you work with! I have too many projects, and I can't micro-manage 1 or 2 of them, and especially the making of documentaries can take a very long time. Sure, sometimes it backfires, but I am always learning." - Filmfabriq co-owner Gábor Osváth tells Cineurope in his recent interview, which you can read here.


Screenings at Hungarian Film Week

Four of our short films will be screened at the Hungarian Film Week these upcoming days. 'The Sound of Concrete', 'Boglárka' and 'Deliver Us' will be screened March 1 and 3. All three shorts were screened previously in Hungary, but our new movie 'Play/Back' is having its world premiere at the Film Week (screenings are on March 1 and 4.) For dates and venues, please visit


Teaser trailer for Circus now online

Filming for 'What a Circus!' is still underway, but we have released our first teaser trailer for our tv-documentary, which chronicles the life of Recirquel, Hungary's first 'new circus' company.
This is not the final trailer, just a teaser: it does not include our breathtaking scenes which we are making outside of the theater with the young talents of Recirquel.

Directed by Glória Halász and co-directed by Dániel Tiszeker, 'What a Circus!' will have it's premiere on Duna Televízió sometime in 2016. The film is being produced in partnership with Fanatics Film, with the financial support of the Media Council's Film and Media Funding Scheme.


Virgin selected for ESP

Our upcoming short film 'The Virgin of Lost Causes', written and to be directed by Sandor Funtek, got selected into European Short Pitch, the acclaimed workshop and pitching event organized by NisiMasa.
The French co-production will be the directorial debut of actor Sandor Funtek, who is probably best known for his supporting role in 'La vie d'Adèle' (Blue Is the Warmest Color). Funtek is of Hungarian origins, and the story of the movie will be sort of a homecoming story.
The ESP workshop will be held in January in Lithuania, while the pitching will be in Luxembourg two months later. The director and producer Gábor Osváth will represent the project at both events.